In the confectionary industry, the polyvalent functional range of gum arabic led to a large variety of applications.

With most confectionery products, Gum Arabic has two important functions - to retard or prevent sugar crystallization and to emulsify the fat and keep it evenly distributed throughout the product. For prevention of sugar crystallization, Gum Arabic finds its greatest application in confections in which sugar content is high and moisture is low, e.g., in jujubes and pastilles. With theses products, the technique of incorporating the flavors is extremely important. Usually, gum arabic is dissolved in water and the solution is filtered, mixed with sugar, and boiled. The flavor is added with a minimum of stirring to prevent formation of bubbles or opaque spots.
The second function, as a fat emulsifier, is essential in keeping fat distributed uniformly throughout an easily oxidizable, greasy film. This property makes Gum Arabic extremely useful as an emulsifying agent in caramels and toffees.

Acacia gum will provide not-sticking effect in e.g. moulded candies, thus improving the flavour release.

GA works very well together with sugar and polyols. In combination with hydrolyzed soy protein gum arabic functions as a whipping and stabilizing agent for aerated confections (e.g. marshmallows).

Gum arabic is used as a main binding ingredient in low-fat and reduced or no-sugar, dietetic and diabetic confectionary.
It's function in chewing gum is retention of water and flavour and softening of the chew, thus improving texture and body of the chewing gum.


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